We’re looking for a Psychologist to become a Trainer in our team and inspire parents to learn about children’s behaviour (in the UK or USA)

Nia Cremene
All About Parenting

If you’re a Psychologist who loves to teach and you want to contribute to a new generation of Parents, who raise their children differently, then this message is for you.

And if you’re not the person whom we’re looking for… you can earn $2000 if you recommend the person who will work with us. Read on to find out how.

Here is what I want to talk to you about:

1) Our story and how All About Parenting has evolved over time

2) What kind of Psychologist we are looking for and how you will contribute to a new generation of parents

3) With whom you will work and why it’s great to be part of our team

4) Why NOT to apply for this role

And, finally, if you really want this and all things sound good to you, how to apply to become one of the stars in our team.

1) Our Story and how All About Parenting has evolved over time

My name is Nia Cremene and my All About Parenting story began more than 12 years ago when I got my first international certification as a Parenting Expert.

Back then, it was a pioneering field and many people considered that there was no need to learn how to raise children better. Actually, we still have a lot of work to do on this perception.

In the same year my son was born – 2010 – I began giving seminars for 10-12 people, teaching parents how to solve day-to-day problems and raise independent children. The workshops were always two-day weekend events. I remember that I did the first workshop whilst I was still breastfeeding (during breaks).

I quickly realized that this was my mission and that parenting was going to become more than a job. I’d found my vocation. In a short space of time, my mission took shape: to reach as many parents as possible. I wanted to help them and give them valuable, effective information so they could have well-balanced relationships with their children and raise them to be responsible. That way, their world tomorrow will be better than ours today.

This is how the first parenting methodology based on the latest research into the motivational science emerged, along with the first online parenting course – it lasted 10 months, on the principle that, as it takes 9 months to bring a child into the world, it would make sense to spend at least the same amount of time learning how to raise them for a lifetime.

(Nia Cremene presenting one of our live events before Coronavirus)

In 4 years, I went from being a “lone wolf” to working with more than 30 absolutely wonderful people. Today, the All About Parenting team is approaching 70 people, includes 7 different nationalities and presents in 4 languages to our clients around the world. 

Together with the other All About Parenting trainers, we’ve met more than 500,000 parents in the last 4 years who have attended our seminars, which we offer for free both online and in person.

Nia Cremene
Author and Co-Founder
Patrick Ney
Lead Trainer
Antonia Cherette
Trainer (North America)
Ralu Ryan
Lead Trainer (Germany)
Sabina Defta
Lead Trainer (Russian)
Maria Tolescu
Trainer (Romania)
Irina Irgoveanu
Trainer (Romania)
Ana-Maria Iancu
Trainer (Romania)
Justyna Klimek
Trainer (Poland)
Anna Niedziółka
Trainer (Poland)
Katarzyna Krawczyk-Urbanek
Trainer (Poland)
Edi Ladeira
Trainer (Portugal)
Marta Rodrigues
Trainer (Portugal)
Layal Abou Saad
Trainer (United Arab Emirates)

We now have over 600,000 parents reading emails from us every week or following us on Facebook, with another 30,000+ parents enrolled in the All About Parenting online program, determined to raise their children differently.

Initially, All About Parenting began in Romania, although from the start I’ve been in contact with researchers from a number of universities from around the world (today, there are over 40!). What looked like just a local project at the outset gathered steam, and it has gradually expanded to other countries around the world.

(Patrick Ney presenting one of our live events before Coronavirus)

This is due to the fact that the fundamentals of the All About Parenting program (such as Self-determination Theory) are universal and work regardless of language, culture, race, social class, etc. All About Parenting is not “one mum’s opinion”, like a lot of blogs on the subject, and doesn’t offer up “recipes” for you to follow. 

Instead, we “translate” into a simple language, which parents and children use every day, complex concepts, tried and tested, from the latest research in psychology.

In the last 2 years, we’ve translated, filmed and edited the All About Parenting program into English, Polish and Russian. In the next 2 years, we want to grow our team in German-, Spanish-, French- and Italian-speaking countries.

Here is an example of a video episode from the All About Parenting program in English.

What we want to achieve at All About Parenting in the next 10 years

It might look like we’ve come a long way, but what we have achieved so far is very little compared to what we want to do in the next 10 years.

Three years from now, we want to be operating in more than 30 countries. We realize that it’s a pretty crazy objective for a team as small as ours, but that just spurs us on even more.

Our vision is that, by inspiring a “critical mass” of parents around the world to choose to learn All About Parenting, they will then inspire other parents to do the same.

Unfortunately, schooling doesn’t prepare us for day-to-day life. We’ve ended up believing (as a society) that there is no need or it’s not normal to learn about how to raise a fulfilled child.

There’s nothing that impacts our lives as much as the parent-child relationship (a.k.a. parenting). This is why we’ve decided to make it our team’s mission.

We want to make learning about parenting a social norm. Our vision is that, one day, learning about the parent-child relationship (parenting) will be as normal as taking driving lessons before getting behind the wheel. And we are committed to making this a reality for more and more parents every day.

We don’t think it’s fair that you spend more time learning how to drive than you do learning how to raise a child.

We want to change this perception in the collective mentality.

And this is where we need your help.

2)  What kind of Psychologist we are looking for and how you will contribute to a new generation of parents

We’re looking for an English native speaker who loves to teach. That means you have at least 3 years of experience in teaching in some form or another (not necessarily formal teaching).

We are looking for a person with a strong sense of humor that is capable of making other people laugh every 10 minutes.

A person who’s capable of learning long content material and delivering it accurately.

The person we are looking for doesn’t need to be a parenting expert (we’ll provide extensive training) but it is a requirement that they are parents themselves, because nobody could talk to other parents with enough empathy and integrity without having lived through the challenges and joys of parenthood. To become successful in this role, the ideal candidate will also need to have a degree in Psychology!

We need you to…

…inspire parents to be the best version of themselves for the sake of their children, and learn about psychology and children behaviour.

You will work completely remote and your weekly schedule will look like this:

  • you will hold 3 online masterclasses a week
  • write video scripts and articles
  • film video content for Social Media
  • work with the team on Zoom meetings
  • and get interviewed by journalists

3) With whom you will work with and why it is great to be part of our team

The English Lead Trainer – Patrick Ney – is a very special person. He moved from the UK to Poland almost 10 years ago, when he married a beautiful Pole, with whom he now has 2 children. He is certified in the All About Parenting methodology, which he brilliantly teaches in Masterclasses and online videos. You will work closely with him and other great team members.

Our team is present on 3 continents, covering 7 different nationalities, and each and every one of our team members feels their activity is unique and especially meant for them.

If you love psychology and you love to teach, then our team is definitely the right place for you.

Our work is fully remote and our schedule is flexible, which means that you will have the opportunity to work from home (wherever you may be, that is), as long as you align with the Masterclass calendar.

Every 3 months, we all meet to celebrate our latest success, to analyse what happened during the last 90 days and to set our objectives for the following quarter, so that we can reach even more parents and help even more children.

Then, we establish our Masterclass calendar for the following 3 months and the entire Customer Care activity aligns with this calendar.

The Masterclasses are the only fixed element in our team. As for everything else, everyone can organise their work as they please, as long as they get results.

(the All About Parenting team at our last meeting, July 2022)

However, we don’t want you or us to waste time; what we want is to make sure you understand very well what kind of person we are looking for.

We are looking for a Psychologist who loves to teach to inspire parents to learn about children’s behaviour.

4) So, please DON’T apply if…

  • You’re not a parent
  • English is not your native language
  • You’re not a Psychologist
  • You don’t love to teach
  • You can’t make an audience laugh every 10 minutes
  • You’re not persuasive
  • You’re not ready to learn yourself

And now, if you’re still with me…

If you resonate with the things we’ve talked about above, and you think “this is me” and you want to contribute to a new generation of parents who raise their children differently, here’s how you can apply:

1) Click on the link below – you’ll be asked to record yourself speaking in English.

2) If everything is OK we’ll move on to the next step, getting to know each other.

3) If it’s smooth sailing there, we’ll move on to the next step where you will deliver a short presentation.

4) And, in the end, if everything is fine, we will definitely find a remuneration package that will put us on the same page, so that we can work together.

So, if you tick all the boxes listed above, we invite you to apply, because we can’t wait to meet you!

P.S. Reward offered! 🙂


Recommend the right person for this role and you’ll get a reward for your help. If we get to collaborate with that person, you will receive a $2000 reward! No strings attached!

We’ve paid various amounts of money to recruiting agencies before – this is why we think it’s better for this money to go to someone who follows us in the parenting community.

So far, we’ve paid out more than 12 times and we hope to do it again soon.

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